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VIDEO: Welcome To The Machine

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Pirates In Black – Tracklist

The tracklist below is still under development. If you like a song feel free to buy it (at a very resonable……


Falo Faltu: Omerta

The Omerta rules!

Sleazy politicians making their cash in the back room whilst praying ethical standards to their overcredulous voters. Corruption and political deception are undermining the foundation of our society. Don’t let them fool you!

Play that fuck’n song!


I am respectable
The honest and true legislator

I’m the chosen one
The bastard son
Controlled by a……

Turn It Down

Turn It Down Falo Faltu Pirates In Black

When unhappiness takes control.

When you are desperate, and drunk, and want to turn everything down …

Play that fuck’n song!


On the run, night and day
On the road so far away
You know it get’s me down
When you’re not around

All alone, far from home
Brawling on the telephone
You know it get’s me down…

The Ace Of Spades (Motörhead) – Swing Version by Falo Faltu

Let the good times swing …

The Ace Of Spades was and will always be that most famous and well known Motörhead song ever. A few years ago (and long before Lemmy sadly passed away) I recorded my own – well – quite special version of this song using only my six string acoustic……

All Alone

Falo Faltu All Alone Homeless_guy_on_Yonge_Street

You know how that feels …?

When you’re down and out. Left behind. Desperate, and depressive. Alone. All alone.
You know how that feels!

Play that fuck’n song!


Lurking down the crossroad.
Nothing left to share.
Cold and bare.

Lying on the pavement.
Buyers passing by.
Time to die.
Time to die.

All alone! In the cold and in the……

VIDEO: BANDOXX featuring FALO FALTU playing Cold Sweat (Thin Lizzy)


Welcome To The Machine (PINK FLOYD)

Welcome to my machine …

A great song by Pink Floyd I always wanted to rearrange in a heavier way. Maybe a nice opener for the upcoming Pirates-In-Black-Project.

Play that fuck’n song!

I you like to watch the video instead – find the video here!

Credits: Lyrics and original version: Roger Waters, Pink Floyd. I do……

Pirates In Black

Pirates In Black Battleship Falo Faltu

Watch out for the Pirates In Black!

Rotten sails. Wicked minds. Condemned souls. Pirates in Black.

This is the title track of my latest Hardrock project. The song is inspired by my rock idols, my passion for sailing, and my respect for all the outlaws out there living their lives in their very own way. Oh,……