Skywalkers Uwe Surojegin Falo Faltu

This is a song about a young lady …

The SKYWALKERS used to be a really hard rocking band. And as every hard rocking band they also played ballads. This one, Backstage Woman, was written by my best friend (my old band mate, my best man) Suro. I re-recorded it lately because I had no original recording of this song left on tape. BTW: It is also one of my mother’s favourites 🙂

Play that fuck’n song!


Body of cream and eyes of hush
Hair like a witch and clothes like trash
I guess, I guess I love you
And I can’t tell you how much

Backstage woman! Leave me alone!
Backstage woman! Where are you gone?

Ready and randy enough to go
Please little baby, come to my show
I have something that grows
And when you rub it, well, who knows?

The pain in your eyes. The pin in your arm.
Hey little baby. Keep my heart warm.
The pain in your eyes. The pin in your arm.
Hey beauty lady. Keep my heart warm.

Copyright: SKYWALKERS / Uwe Surojegin 1988
Picture credits: Gabi Fischer (Picture shows (left to right) Uwe Surojegin and Falo Faltu jamming this song reunited again in 2016)