Once upon a time …

… when we were young. In the late 80s my fellows and me founded a band named SKYWALKERS. We rocked the youth in Southern Germany. This song, Demon Of War, was one of my favourite ones. I re-recorded it in 2013 trying to make it sound like as close as possible to the original version.



Demon Of War is a monster
Crawling around all over the world
Humanity he never feels
Hungry and cold
The Demon Of War

Demon Of War in the name of Jesus
Demon Of War in the name of Allah
Demon Of War in the name of business
If there is a god
Will He ever forgive us?

He creeps from land to land
Will the killing ever have an end?
How many people have to die?
How many children have to cry?
Oh Lord save us sinners!
God damn the Demon
Demon Of War

Demon Of War he is around us
In every place all over the land
Demon Of War he is inside us
Only in love he’ll has an end.

Copyright: SKYWALKERS, Falo Faltu 2013