This song captures my feelings about the actual and ongoing corona crisis we are facing all over the world. I was moved especially by pictures and videos of patients fighting against death in intensive care units in Italy (and in many other places, too!). The fact that these people are dying without getting a chance to see their beloved ones at least once before breathing their final breath is so damned sad and heartbreaking.

To all of you: Please take this virus seriously! Take care about yourself, and about the ones around you!

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If you‘re standing by my grave, and if you weep
You won’t find me there because I do not sleep
I am just a thousand winds that start to blow
I am the diamond glints on snow

If your standing by my grave, and if you cry.
You won’t find me there because I didn‘t die.
I am the sun shining down on golden grain
I am the gentle autumn rain.

Now I’m far away from home
I’m crying all alone
Locked into my private hazard zone
I’m dying all alone

Lyrics and music: Falo Faltu 2020. Lyrics inspired by a poem of Mary Elizabeth Frye

Photo credits: Jonathan Borba from Pexels.