Lemmy Kilmister. Copyright Goran Beg 2002

Sad sad news …

In the morning of December 29 in 2015 I received the bad news that Lemmy Kilmister, frontman of Motörhead, had passed away during the night before. I was really shocked. And very sad. Lemmy meant quite much to me. He was the ultimate rockstar! Honest. Unbreakable. And by the same time polite, and smart. Luckily I had the chance to watch Motörhead quite a few times. It has always been a BLAST!

Very soon after I heard about his death words and phrases and riffs came into my mind. I wrote them down. Recorded the song in the afternoon. And taped it on video only two days later.

This is my very personal tribute to the one and only Lemmy Kilmister.

Play that fuck’n song!


I give a goddamn shit ‚bout conformity!
Just free your soul from uniformity!
Speak out your mind in veracity!
Just raise your glas – Cheerio! – and lay back in serenity!

You live! You fly!
You laugh and you die!

A joker and a gentleman!
A truly inspiration!
A gangster and a gambling man!
The servant and the god
Of the Metal Nation!

The son of a preacher man
The leader of the pack
The Godfather of Rock’n Roll
The knife in your back

You live! You fly! …

Copyright: Falo Faltu 2015


Picture Credits: Goran Beg, FLickr

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